About My Coach AcademyΒΆ

Our mission is to help you make choices you believe in.


Andy Miles is a certified coach who has experience helping people just like you over many years.

We do not judge, nor do we offer advice. Because only you know what is really right for you.

Instead, we encourage you to think through your current situation, your desires and goals, so that you come up with the best way forward for you.

We have deep experience helping people just like you to learn how to achieve what they want and need. All our initial consultations are free, because we want to understand you, and help you to understand how our process works before we start.


And so you can be sure we are serious about what we do, we are trained and certified in the right way to assist you.

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Need Powered Change offers the My Coach Academy service. We have been helping people to learn and understand how to manage change since 2013. In addition, our owner and coach, Andy, has experience of change and coaching nationally and internationally for over 30 years.