Do I really need a coach?

I have to be honest and say that when I was starting out in life, had I even thought of it, I would have been very reluctant to consider using a coach. Thoughts that would have occurred to me are things like “There’s nothing wrong with me; I don’t need help” or “That stuff is too touchy feely for me”.


As I have educated myself through formal learning, experience and observation I have come to realize that helping people deal with change is a skill and a role in and of itself.

The really great thing about life today is that we have unprecedented access to vast amounts of knowledge to assist us in our endeavors. The really bad thing is that there is lots of unsubstantiated or even fake information that gets in our way.

Another contradiction is that despite all the information that is available, all too often we fail to ask for it.

When starting a new task in a team I always ask the teams members to describe their skills, experience and development needs. That way, everyone knows who knows, and who is credible. And who can help!

But I rarely see other teams do this. And often quiet but knowledgeable team members are suppressed, sometimes leading to failure that should never have happened.

And so to coaching. Coaching is a function that teaches people how to learn to cope with and manage change. Coaching is learning, not fixing!

I have seen so much evidence of the help that coaching brings to individuals. It is not right for everyone in all situations. But with the right coach, and a determination to succeed, the possibilities for you are endless. And within your control!


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