How does coaching work?

The short answer is that we tailor the way our coaching works to the needs of each individual client.

The longer answer will give you some details!

We always start with a free, one hour consultation, to make sure we understand what you are looking for. Even more importantly, this gives us a chance to start to get to know and understand each other. Our working relationship is critical to the success of coaching, and we can both get used to our styles and how we will work together.


Assuming we both wish to continue with the coaching assignment, we will either agree a fixed price, fixed duration contract, or an hourly rate. Pricing varies depending on the nature and duration of the assignment. We will develop and jointly sign the coaching agreement.

Typically, new clients are provided with a starter information pack, which will include some resources, such as questionnaires, that our clients complete. We don’t require clients to share everything with us unless they feel completely comfortable doing so.

When information is not shared with us it will in no way create issues with the coaching process. However, sharing can help promote mutual understanding if our clients feel comfortable doing so.

Coaching sessions vary in format. Email and on-line sessions work well and provide rapid appointments and access. We can also provide face to face coaching at a preferred location in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, USA.

Don’t delay! Book your free first appointment

We also strive to accommodate any client’s unique needs, so by all means ask us if you have any questions by emailing


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