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Do you find it hard to get a resume ‘bite’ from a prospective employer? And how about interviews? Are you successful?


I have also been involved with recruitment on the hiring side for many years. And I never cease to be amazed at the number of candidates who eliminate themselves with the most basic mistakes. What this means is good news if you are prepared; it’s going to make it easier to be successful.

Mistakes I see all the time relate mainly to resumes, and their content. You must be completely honest on your resume. Do not exaggerate or embellish anything you claim you have done. Too often I interview candidates who can’t even answer a basic question about a lead item on their resume.

Another major issue is when a candidate knows little or nothing about the hiring company and can not explain why they want to work there.

And remember, to get this far you must have had a resume successfully reviewed. You may be surprised to hear your resume can be rejected with only about 5 seconds of attention from a hiring manger. That should tell you how bad many resumes are (probably 75% or more of the ones I see are rejected in this way). So with some effort you can narrow yourself down very easily.

This insider knowledge I have gleaned over the years really helps me when coaching clients. We make sure that you avoid the basic mistakes, so you stand a better chance of making progress. But of course, we can’t offer any guarantees. And you must remember that is is long, hard and tiring work to put in the requisite effort needed to secure the right new position for yourself.

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