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A very special offer!

In partnership with Groupon we are offering a very special deal in our coaching! Over 80% off our normal (and very competitive!) rates for your first coaching sessions of either one or two hours. And that’s in addition to a free initial session!! Don’t wait; this offer won’t last long.


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Reading matters

Reading is a great way to learn about personal development for people who prefer to work on their own, like the ultimate privacy in their goals, or who just don’t want support from a coach in person. Reading can also be a great way to “do your homework” prior to starting work with a coach.


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How does coaching work?

The short answer is that we tailor the way our coaching works to the needs of each individual client.


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Find job hunting success

Do you find it hard to get a resume ‘bite’ from a prospective employer? And how about interviews? Are you successful?


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Do I really need a coach?

I have to be honest and say that when I was starting out in life, had I even thought of it, I would have been very reluctant to consider using a coach. Thoughts that would have occurred to me are things like “There’s nothing wrong with me; I don’t need help” or “That stuff is too touchy feely for me”.


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